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Name Amber Elizabeth
Biography Born in Hammersmith London delivered by Dr Robert Winston a famous Doctor in England and raised in Farnham Surrey, Amber knew she wanted to act from a young age after being around her parents' video shop and watching as many films as she could get her hands on. She later went on to study Drama at Farnborough College in which she received her diploma in performing arts. Between being on set Amber likes to draw and watch films. She managed to get a place at one of England's top art Universities (University of creative arts) studying Fine Arts based solely on her portfolio of work.As well as running her own business Amber also attended The Actors Studio in London studying TV and film to try and prefect her craft. During this time Amber managed too star in numerous commercials, TV shows and film. Amber has had the privilege of working alongside some of the top names in the film industry this includes, John Goodman, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Patsy Kensit.In August 2011 Amber took a chance and flew to LA to expand her acting career with Relentless film works to star in three short films and since then has loved LA she has started her Visa to live and work out there.
Height 5' 4' (1.63 m)
Movies of Amber Elizabeth
Namastey London
Namastey London
as Party Quest
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