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Name Dhoop
Release Date Friday, November 7, 2003
About Movie Right from Peon to Principal, and from the most lowly menial staff to the office of the Prime Minister, modern secular India is embedded in corruption by officials who brag that even if Mahatma Gandhi were to approach them to grant access to his very own Sabarmati Ashram, he would not be spared. In this era a honest man is defined as one who readily accepts a bribe and does the needful, while a dishonest man is one who accepts a bribe but refuses to do the needful. It is in this atmosphere that the Kapoor family live. This family consists of Suresh Kumar Kapoor, a Professor at a Delhi college; his wife, Sarita, who is a Librarian, and a son who is Captain Rohit in the 7th Jat Regiment of the Indian Army. Suresh is pitted against the corrupt system when he receives word that his son has been killed in Kargil, when the fragile truce between Pakistan and India was broken, resulting in thousands of deaths on both sides. In condolence, Suresh and Sarita receive messages from various army ...
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Dhoop
Om Puri
Om Puri
as Prof. Suresh Kumar Kapoor

Geetika Tondon
as executive in charge of production

Geetika Tondon
as trainee assistant director

Geetika Tondon
as costume coordinator (uncredited)
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