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Name Drew Bailey
Biography Drew started in the Australian film industry in 1994, working as an assistant editor on Tom Zubrycki's observational documentary Billal. This was followed by another hugely successful documentary, Bob Connelly and Robin Anderson's Rat's In The Ranks.Moving out of post, Drew worked on a range of documentary series as a camera assistant and occasionally as a sound recordist. In 1997 he took a job at MTV Australia as a sound recordist and second camera operator. The same year he started working as an Assistant Director.In 1998 Drew worked at the BBC in London, before returning to Australia to work as an additional Assistant Director on MI:2.Since then Drew has worked on a large number of films as an Assistant Director including: Scooby Doo, Matrix II and III, The Last Samurai, Mask II, Charlotte's Web, Superman Returns, The Blood Diamond, Fools Gold, Wolverine and The Square.Drew started Druid Films in 2005 to produce music videos and short films with three directors from MTV Australia. Since then the company has moved on from music videos, and now works with several directors, focusing on short and feature films. In 2010 Drew was nominated for an Academy Award for producing the short film Miracle Fish.
Movies of Drew Bailey
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