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I am a Casanova: Ashmit Patel

The actor who teaches flirting on the TV screen says "Yes, I am a Casanova, but no wherein the dictionary,  Casanova means disrespectful to women." Ashmit most recently made the news for his stint on the reality show Big Boss, in which he played confidant to a lot of his female inmates. "The girls felt protected with me in the house and I can't help that," says the actor.

According to him Ashmits and Pamela Anderson’s relation is like a socio-friends. They have a joint venture plans, Waves of Water which has plans of providing drinking water for the deprived. Ashmit will work in India for this and Veena at Pakistan.

He says that “ Veena is someone very special to me and we will act in a movie soon”. All these roumours including  about his reported marriage to Veena poked him to say that he is a fighter, and rumours like these wont let him down.

Ashmit now in some Daily serials, and he say that” this wont ,make me down as this would be not like the same old Saas bahu types”. He also mentioned that he would like to be a part of the Sandalwood as nowadays all the Bollywood movie are remake of south movie and hence he wants to be in the original one.

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