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Amole Gupte to make film on senior citizens

Just last week, we saw Amole Gupte's film Stanley Ka Dabba win international acclaim with Partho winning the Best Actor Award at SCHLINGEL IFF. Well, Amole is now all set to make his next film which is said to revolve around the life of senior citizens. has learnt that Amole's film will highlight three generations of men in a family while trying to capture their relationships. The film will feature the story of a grandfather, father and a grandson and how they react to each other when trapped in a situation.

Amole confirms saying, "Yes I am making the film; in fact we have already shot a few portions of it, and like earlier I am again shooting on digital. As for the story line of the film, it basically traverses the relationships that have changed from living in one united family with all generations to the current nucleus families that exist. If you look at the past, we Indians used to laugh at our western counterparts when they had to call before visiting their own parents, but today if you look at our own society it has become similar to them, without even knowing it."

Further elaborating on the cast of the film, Amol says, "Now that we have come so close, the entire cast of Stanley Ka Dabba are like family to me, so yes depending on the roles, I will repeat the same actors. As for Partho, he is there in the film but in a cameo role."

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