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Aishwarya's baby to be shielded from media?

Her rise to stardom and eventually her entry into the legendary Bachchan household gained coverage like no other story on earth. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been in the news ever since father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan tweeted about her being pregnant. Ash is due for delivery sometime this month and from what we hear, the Information and Broadcast (I &B) Ministry has issued a diktat against the coverage of her delivery.

There was speculation that it was Big B who requested I & B Ministry to issue such a diktat, however it's far from true. Big B squashed all rumours as he tweeted, "HaHa ! Print MidDay asking if I have told I&B Ministry to block media news of Aish delivery! Absolute rubbish! Good try MDay ! Firstly I have no such intention ever, secondly do you really think I&B would listen to me!?? No way baby!"

Bachchan further tweeted, "Apparently, media has been told by I&B to not have OB Vans outside hospitals! That news came to me via a journalist .. so someone putting two and two together and making it Bachchan ... Ha ha ha !!"

Irrespective of what the Bachchans say and believe, one thing is certain that there will be tremendous buzz when Aishwarya finally becomes a Mom.

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