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Name Luan Bexheti
Date Of Birth Friday, August 11, 1972
Biography Luan Bexheti was born in Tetova, Macedonia in 1972 to Albanian parents.In 1976 at the age of 4 he moved to Oslo, Norway because his father got a teaching job there. The Bexheti family still lives in Oslo to this day, where they own several Night clubs.After finishing school in 1995 Luan decided to move to America to study at the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York and to pursue a career in acting and producing films. So far he has worked in 41 independent films, 12 commercials and 29 plays. He has also worked with Michael Moore on a show called Michael Moore Live. He had the main role in "Maree", a film that was shot in Venice, Italy and has been screened at 96 different film festivals around the world so far. Luan collected a "special mention" award for his acting at the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale 2004). He is also a producer; his latest project is "Cadillac Man" (King of lost souls) which is directed by Michael Regan. "Cadillac" is a documentary film about a homeless veteran who has a book deal with a major American publishing house. Luan Bexheti spends his time in USA,Norway and Macedonia where he was born.
Original Name Halil Luan Bexheti
Birth Place Tetova, Macedonia
Height 5' 9'' (1.76 m)
Movies of Luan Bexheti

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