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Name Marc I. Daniels
Biography Marc's earliest memory of acting was in third grade by playing a School Bully in an after school program. He thought he saw he the end of his career early after playing "Eeyore" in a summer camp production of "Winnie The Pooh" and forgetting a verse of his song. But after falling off that horse, he slowly climbed back on. He had a tendency to hang around the community theatre scene where his Mother and Stepfather had active roles in several successful shows, including The Sunshine Boys, where Marc attended so many rehearsals that he began to easily memorize the lines of the main actors and to this day remembers many of them. It was his ease of memorizing lines that coerced his mother to encourage him to act himself. This was a nagging angel to Marc until 10th grade when he saw a touring show of "Up With People" at his 2nd High School and was mesmerized. By 11th Grade he had made the decision to abandon school sports to pursue theatre. He started off with a bang in an unorthodox manner, playing "Riff" in West Side Story as a Junior in the School's Senior show. After that, he was in almost every show at school until being accepted into West Chester University's Theatre Dept. as an Acting major, where he honed his craft and learned so much abut acting that he cold be quoted as saying "I don't know how I acted at all before college, before knowing what I learned, but somehow I did." After (to quote) "one of the worst experiences of his life, theatrically or otherwise" in a community theatre production of Dracula, he decided to give stage one more try by playing Chris in the lighthearted comedy "Beau Jest" at a different local theatre where he, thankfully, had the opposite experience as the aforementioned. He decided to end on a high note and took an indefinite hiatus from theatre to pursue the world of film. He has since acted as everything from background to leading roles in many short films, feature films, and television. He is also a professional writer of screenplays and wishes to continue being a quadruple threat as actor, writer, director and producer.
Height 5' 8'' (1.74 m)
Movies of Marc I. Daniels

English Vinglish
as Commuter (uncredited)
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