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Name Meri Life Mein Uski Wife
Release Date Thursday, January 1, 1970
About Movie Generous and kind-hearted Aakash has four close friends, namely: businessman Padam Kumar Lele & his wife Diya; unemployed Basu Bose who is dependent on his wife's income; single Gaurav Shah who runs a PCO; and Kuch Bhi Singh, who is married to Parminder, and runs a store. He dramatically meets with Sheetal and both get married. Shortly after she has an accident and passes away. Unable to live alone, he gets married to Dipal, but is so involved in his work that he neglects her. His friends notice this, find out that the marriage has still not been consummated, and each one turns on his respective charms to woo, seduce, and lure Dipal - with results that will change everyone's lives forever.
Genre Comedy, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Meri Life Mein Uski Wife

Shakti Kapoor (I)
as Padam Kumar Lele
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