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Name Naina
Release Date Friday, May 20, 2005
About Movie During the 1986 Surya Grahan, young Naina Shah, while traveling in the backseat of her England-based dad's car, is stuck by glass from the shattered windshield during an accident, and loses her eyesight. Her parents do not survive, and she is brought up by her paternal grandmother. Years later, Naina gets a successful cornea transplant, and is able to see. She complains of vision problems, seeing hooded persons, and people dying, which a Psychiatrist, Samir Patel, diagnoses as hallucinations. But when Naina reports seeing someone else in her mirror reflection, Sameer decides to investigate who the original cornea actually belonged to. This investigation will lead them to a impoverished village in New Bhuj, Gujarat, where she will find her life endangered by hostile villagers who believe that the donor of her cornea was cursed.
Genre Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Naina

Oxide Pang Chun
as (story "The Eye") (uncredited)
Danny Pang
Danny Pang
as (story "The Eye") (uncredited)

Urmila Matondkar
as Naina Shah
Rahul Nath
Rahul Nath
as Ghost

Nick Turner (XVIII)
as Jogger, Hyde Park London (uncredited)

Raj Khatri
as design visualizer
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