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Name Tom Delmar
Date Of Birth Thursday, August 1, 1963
Biography Born in the land of 'Bravheart' Scotland in 1967, Tom Delmar was brought up in the Cairngorm Mountains. As a young man he was a fabulous sportsman in many discipline's including fencing, skiing, swimming, Judo and ice hockey. At Glasgow University when not studying for his BSc in mathematics and computer science he could be found at the Army OTC (Officer Training Corps) where at weekends and holidays he learned many of the skills that he would use later as a young stunt man.He moved to London and attended the 'London City Lit' Actors training course and after spending 46 weeks working at the BBC and ITV in various rolls in front of camera he qualified for the British Stunt Register [1984]. He quickly found himself working as a young stunt man on some of the biggest Hollywood films of the time including James Cameron's Aliens and the action packed '007 James Bond' films through to Guy Ritchie's 'Snatch' and Georg Lucas's Star Wars (II). He doubled many stars of the day including Steve Guttenberg, Sylvester Stallone, Ray Winston, Robbie Coltrane, Alfred Molina and many more !He started working as a stunt coordinator in 1987, over the next 25 years he would stunt coordinate and double in over 300 Film and TV shows working with the cream of Hollywood. Tom quickly applied his scientific background to his advantage when he started the 'Action Stunt Company' in which he designed and fabricated stunt equipment, air bags, tracking vehicles and camera rig's, the company is now one of the world leaders.His passion for film and his need to express action and emotion in the same frame led him to start directing in 1998. Today he is one of Hollywood's leading 2nd Unit Directors & Stunt Coordinators with over36 films to his credit.
Original Name Tom Delmar McCormick
Birth Place Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Height 6' (1.83 m)
Movies of Tom Delmar

as stunt director
I See You
I See You
as stunt coordinator
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