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Name Tomchi
Release Date Saturday, June 15, 2013
About Movie TOMCHI is a story of six notorious children whose mischievous and impish activities have created havoc in their school and society. But their life takes a u-turn when a cute and adorable Dog-'Tomchi' comes into their lives. The entry of this pretty new friend proves valuable for them as they learn the crucial responsibilities and decency in their attitude. They transform from a roguish gang to a civilized team just for the sake of their beloved friend Tomchi. But their joy and ecstasy does not last long when they come to know that the dog does not belong to them. Now the well-mannered kids decide to return their dear friend to its real owner. But before they could proceed for this step, Tomchi gets stolen. Now their only motive is to find Tomchi and return it to its owner.
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Tomchi
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