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Name Pallavi Sharda
Sex Female
Debue Movie Dus Tola
Language Speak Hindi, English
Original Name Pallavi Sharda
Birth Place Perth, Australia
Movies of Pallavi Sharda
as Tara

as Gayatri
My Name Is Khan
My Name Is Khan
as Sajida

Dus Tola
as Geeta
Gossip of Pallavi Sharda
Pallavi Sharda: 'I was the last person to be cast in 'LBZ' '
Pallavi Sharda, corporate lawyer turned actress reveals that Radhika whom she enacts in Love BreakUps Zindagi borrows quite a bit from her real life too."I play a corporate type girl in Love BreakUps Zindagi (LBZ),", discloses Pallavi. "In fact, t
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