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Name Aaghaaz
Release Date Friday, October 6, 2000
About Movie Honest, upright, young and handsome Govind Narang falls in love with a young woman named Sudha. But due to circumstances in the occurrence of an unknown pregnancy by a police man, Govind is forced to marry Pushpa, Masterji's daughter, since the police man refuse to marry her. All is well for Govind after the marriage but not with Pushpa and her hot-headed brother Laxman as they learn about Govind's old relationship with Sudha, they trys to throw her out of the village but to no avil as she is now a police officer. When Laxman finds out about Pushpa's infidelity, he poisons her, and she soon passed away. Seeing his wife dead and to wash away his past Govind and his sister, Rattna now relocates to Bombay in an area called Azad Nagar. He soon reaches up with super-star Gitika, and both fell in love. Azad Nagar residents has always been fared by Johnny and his brother Danny Handsome. One day Govind attempts to defend the right of a young woman and he seriously beats up Danny. When Johnny ...
Genre Action, Crime, Drama, Romance
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Aaghaaz

as Gullu (Gay)

Gulshan Grover
as Sadanand Kutty

Johnny Lever
as Rajni Deva

Rajnikanth (I)
as Himself (a scene from a movie)

Sharat Saxena
as Johnny Handsome Mendoza

Sushmita Sen
as Sudha

Sunil Shetty (I)
as Govind Narang

Alka Yagnik
as playback singer
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