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Name Anjaana Anjaani
Release Date Friday, October 1, 2010
About Movie The story of two strangers on an odyssey of discovery -- down a path that is ridden with the exquisite pain and joy of falling in love, only they don't realize it. A series of hilarious misadventures trace their bi coastal road journey as they go about fulfilling their last wishes. But then life interrupts, as is its habit; and painful choices must be made. The duo part with the understanding that their days together were a brief interlude of insanity that had to succumb to real life. They part as they met - as strangers.
Genre Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Anjaana Anjaani

Ranbir Kapoor
as Akash

Carl Marino
as Airport Couple

Pooja Kumar (I)
as Peshto

Adrian Bustamante (II)
as Chaperone (as Raul Bustamante)

Zayed Khan
as Kunal

Robert Leckington
as Traffic Jam / New Years Eve / Christmas Pedestrian

Harry Mearing
as Business Man

Laurie Folkes
as Homeless Man

Sophia Revelli
as Cheerleader

Rohan Desai (I)
as colorist / digital intermediate supervisor

Pep Figueiredo
as product integration
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