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Name Anjori Alagh
Sex Female
Date Of Birth Sunday, June 3, 1984
Biography Anjori was born in the Hindi-speaking Alagh family in India. Her mom, Maya, is an accomplished Bollywood actress, and her dad, Sunil, was the Chief Executive Officer of Britannia Industries. She has a sister named Sawari, who is married to Sameer Nair (Chief of NDTV), and they have a daughter, Midori. 'Anjori' means the first beam of moonlight.Anjori started modeling from the age of 4 in a number of advertisements e.g. Maggi and Kodak with Prahlad Kakkar, and continued doing so until she was 10. Giving priority to her education, she re-located to the United States to study economics and business management in Ohio. During the summer break she joined the Stanford Acting School, and made up her mind that she wanted to become an actress, quit her studies, returned to India and joined the Namit Kapoor Acting Academy. She is proficient in the Indian classical dance form of Kathak and is learning 'Bollywood' dancing styles from Saroj Khan.Her mom helped her pave the way to an acting career and introduced her to several producers and film-makers. She bagged a role in 'Life Mein Kabhie Kabhie' after being introduced to Vikram Bhatt.
Original Name Anjori Sunil Alagh
Birth Place India
Parent Daughter of actress Maya Alagh.
Movies of Anjori Alagh

as Sujata

as Gayetri

Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee
as Ishita Sharma / Ishita R. Gujral
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