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Name Ankahee
Release Date Friday, May 19, 2006
About Movie Dr. Shekharis in the hospital when Kavya Krishna, the reigning Miss World, walks in with a slit wrist. Shekhar is a happily married man who, along with his wife Nandita and their daughter Sheena has everything. When Kavya walks in it is love at first sight, and soon Kavya's and Shekhar's relationship is the talk of tinsel town. Nandita confronts him and he admits. Shekhar chooses Kavya over his family which is a choice he will regret. Nandita tries everything to stop him, but Kavya is an overpossesive woman. She will go to any length to keep Shekhar. He is her anchor in a world where everyone is with her but she is alone. Shekhar is now torn between two women. His choice will forever destroy him.
Genre Drama, Romance, Thriller
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Ankahee

Ameesha Patel
as Mrs. Nandita Saxena

Esha Deol
as Kaavya Krishna (as Esha)

Hrishitaa Bhatt
as Sheena Saxena (as Hrishita Bhatt)
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