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Name Bad Luck Govind
Release Date Friday, January 9, 2009
About Movie After nationally embarrassing TV News Reader, Mamta Chahota, Delhi-based Govind Sharma, inflicted with a 'bad luck' syndrome, re-locates to Mumbai. Upon arrival itself his ill luck prevails and all his luggage and money is stolen. His vain attempts to turn in a sperm sample befriend him with Nurse Anu Fernandes, and a street-smart male, Vishal Mishra, who provides temporary accommodation. It is here he will meet with other residents of this building which include wheelchair bound, Talpade; exercise freak, Kripalani; brooding Pandey; Hussain amongst others. When Hussain has an accident, Govind blames himself and confides in Vishal, who, in turn, confides in several others. The news gets out to a gangster, Baburao Mahalkar, who blames Pandey, Kripalani, and Talpade for the jail sentence imposed on his nephew, Arvind, and he instructs his goons to induct Govind in their gang so that he could use his bad luck, and inflict misery and suffering on the trio.
Genre Comedy, Crime, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Bad Luck Govind
Hrishitaa Bhatt
Hrishitaa Bhatt
as Anu Fernandes / Angelic Anu
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