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Name Ben Burke (IV)
Biography Ben started making movies at the age of 12 after borrowing the family camcorder to record himself practicing sleight of hand magic. He spent his formative years watching 20-30 movies a week, and at age 19, founded a film society that screened local and international films while working for the Arts Council in his hometown of Lexington, KY. The group also function as a production co-operative, producing over 30 projects in three years of operation.A high school drop out, Burke has worked in a wide variety of roles for the stage and screen for over 10 years. In 2009, Mr. Burke directed the feature length crime thriller "Nobody in Particular". The improvised film has received critical praise, describing the film as "above and beyond those who are vomiting formulaic drivel into North American movie houses".Burke has continued producing feature film content ever since, working with a variety of budgets and genres; from faith based to serial killers and everywhere in between. Ben resides in Los Angeles, California and Lexington, where he enjoys working in all aspects of production while developing and producing new projects..
Movies of Ben Burke (IV)

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