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Name Big Brother
Release Date Friday, December 21, 2007
About Movie S.P. Sharma lives a middle-class lifestyle in Delhi, India, along with his wife, and son, Devdhar. His wife passes away, and Sharma re-marries Sitadevi when Devdhar is only 3 years of age. Sita cares for him as if he were her own, even after giving birth to a son, Akash, and daughter, Anjali. Now Sharma has passed away, while all 3 children have matured. Devdhar gets married to Aarti. Anjali is seduced by the son of the Home Minister, Manohar Shinde, and has acid thrown on her face, disfiguring her. An enraged Devdhar kills the culprit, abducts a number of men who have raped and burned their daughter-in-laws, and secures enough money to pay for plastic surgery for Anjali, whose face is eventually restored. Devdhar and his men are now feared by everyone in Delhi, so much so that Prime Minister Urmila asks Manohar to tender his resignation, publicly denounce his son, and re-locate to Bombay, which he does. She also asks Police Commissioner Kudheshwar Negi to apprehend the Gandhi family....
Genre Action, Crime
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Big Brother

Priyanka Chopra
as Aarti D. Gandhi / Aarti D. Sharma

Danny Denzongpa
as Police Commissioner Kudheshwar Negi

Farida Jalal
as Sitadevi S. Gandhi / Sitadevi S. Sharma

Mumait Khan
as Dancer / Item Girl

Alka Yagnik
as playback singer
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