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Name Bulandi
Release Date Friday, January 7, 2000
About Movie This story revolves around a village where Thakur's word is law. All disputes are settled by him. The daughter of a business tycoon marries Thakur's brother Arjun, and eventually becomes a part of the community. A beautiful woman arrives in the village and attempts to rape Arjun. He avoids her, so she tries to disgrace him by accusing him of raping her.
Genre Musical, Drama, Crime, Romance
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Bulandi

Anil Kapoor
as Dharamraj "Dada" Thakur / Arjun Thakur

Rekha (I)
as Lakshmi

Rajnikanth (I)
as Ghajraj Thakur

Shakti Kapoor (I)
as Jagannath

Abhijeet (I)
as playback singer

Alka Yagnik
as playback singer
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