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'Bodyguard's Bodyguard Shera To Act In 'Dabangg' Sequel
Salman Khan is quite famous for going out of his way to help the people he grows fond of and his loyal man Friday Shera is no different. The bulky Shera, who not only launched the first look of Salman's Eid release Bodyguard but also appeared in the
Salman wants to watch Rascals before he leaves for Dublin
Though he is running out of time, Salman Khan wants watch his buddy David Dhawan's Rascals before he leaves for Dublin to resume shooting.Salman, incidentally never watches any film. But since this is his soul-brother Sanjay Dutt's first production
Salman Desires Reality Stay For Hollywood Beauties
Bigg Boss Season 5 is back, bigger and better. And Salman Khan, who is back to small screen, will co-host the show with Sanjay Dutt. Salman has also revealed his inmate wish list for Bigg Boss 5, expressing his desire to see waka waka singer Sha
Remake Fever: Salman Khan Succumbs Again?
He's gained accolades and soared his star status with Wanted, Ready and Bodyguard, all remakes of super-grossing South Indian flicks.Reportedly, the remake fever has gripped Salman Khan once again.Word has it that next in line on the South grosser r
Salman Keeps Up His Word to Launch 'Bigg Boss 5'
Shutterbugs went crazy and fans cheered when the most Dabangg of all Khans, Salman Khan arrived at Mumbai's airport yesterday.Salman had left for the US on August 29, 2011 for a surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder and now that he is a
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