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Gossip of Salman Khan
Salman Khan Offers Medical Benefits
Salman Khan has always displayed his humane side time and again despite suffering the tag of being 'bratty' and this time, the Bodyguard star, who was recently in the US for a nerve ailment surgery seems to have outdone himself.Sources close to the
Salman expects to undergo surgery second time
After four months, Salman Khan is expected to undergo a second surgery, for his nervous disorder. Salman disclosed, "The pain is still there. It could take between six months to three years to go away. I was supposed to undergo two surgeries,
Salmaan is back on shooting after surgery
Salman Khan, who recently underwent a nerve surgery in the US, would resume shooting in a week's time, family sources said.   Salman, who has been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder that causes intense pain in the face, ha
Salman Khan will miss ID and Ganesh celebrations first time
Salman Khan will always like to mingle with people and celebrate festivals. One his favourites were ID and Ganesh Festivals. Every year he will celebrate them at home and also at Mumbai outdoors.But this year for the first time he wont be celebrating
Salman Khan's treatment for Suicide Disease would be at US
When Salman has already has a blockbuster in hand, he is busting out of pain with his Trigeminal neuralgia or the Suicide disease. It is said that Salman had this problem since 7 years, and was under medication. But the drugs didnt make much differen
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