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Shakti Kapoor in Bigg Boss 5?
The grapevine is quite abuzz with news of various celebs supposed to be roped in as contestants for reality show Bigg Boss 5 and now; the latest celeb to become a contestant seems to be Bollywood's bad guy Shakti Kapoor.The actor, who was approached
Shakti Kapoor's 'Villain' Dreams Come True In 'Bigg Boss 5'
It's a dream come true for any cine villain and Shakti Kapoor seems to have finally achieved it after so many years of playing the bad guy! The actor, who has been roped in as one of the contestants on reality show Bigg Boss 5 will reportedly be the
BIGG BOSS 5: Shakti Kapoor dresses as an F1 racer
In the morning, the women in the house are surprised to see Shakti Kapoor dressed in a flowing gown like nightsuit. They pull his leg over the outfit and Shakti is quite a sport, joining them in the conversation. Meanwhile, Nihita who is trying to ge
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