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Name Chalo Dilli
Release Date Thursday, January 1, 1970
About Movie While on her way to Mumbai airport to board a plane to Delhi, a busy business executive, who employs over 600 employees, gets stuck in a traffic jam, and misses her flight. She blames her predicament on an auto-rickshaw passenger, Manu Gupta, and is appalled when the latter is her co-passenger on a budget-airline. The flight is diverted to Jaipur and with no flights available for several hours, she ends up sharing a rental car with Manu - but matters get even worse when the car breaks down, and both end up spending the night at a cockroach-ridden restaurant. At daybreak, she ends up having no luggage, no car, and forced to ride a camel-cart with Manu, who she cannot stand anymore. But things get even worse when she will find her money has been stolen; the duo will be arrested for traveling on a train without tickets; and end up hitching a ride from men who have just broken out of jail!!
Genre Comedy, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Chalo Dilli

Lara Dutta
as Mihika Mukherjee
Yana Gupta
Yana Gupta
as Dancer / Singer

Akshay Kumar (I)
as Lt. Col. Vikram Singh Rana

Lara Dutta
as producer

Shajith Koyeri
as sound designer: Sound Editor

Rohan Desai (I)
as digital intermediate supervisor

Akshay Kumar (I)
as production executive
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