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Name Chandni Bar
Release Date Friday, September 28, 2001
About Movie Mumtaz is a village girl whose family is killed in communal riots. She moves to Mumbai with her uncle, the only family member she has left. They are desperately poor and her uncle persuades her to become a bar girl at Chandni Bar. This is merely temporary, he promises, until he gets a job. Mumtaz is a shy girl who loathes the work, but she forces herself to dance and flirt. However, the uncle doesn't keep his promise; he lives on her earnings, drinking them away, and never gets a job. He adds one final, unforgivable crime to the list when he gets drunk and rapes her. By this time she has caught the eye of a gangster called Potiya Sawant. When she tells Potiya what her uncle did to her, Potiya decides to "defend her honor." Potiya shoots the uncle. Mumtaz, bereft of any male protection in the dangerous slums, marries Potiya. She is determined to make the best of things. She leaves the bar and stays home to raise her two children, whom she carefully protects from the world of ...
Genre Crime, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Chandni Bar
Tabu (I)
Tabu (I)
as Mumtaz P. Sawant

Manoj Joshi (I)
as Chandrakant Bhau
Rajeev Ravi
Rajeev Ravi
as director of photography
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