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Name Delia Antal
Biography Delia Antal is a film director, making her debut with this first feature film: D'ORA. She also signs as writer, producer and lead actress of D'ORA. She discovered the passion of writing and directing, during her acting studies in Hollywood, as she was advised so by her acting coach in order to create her opportunities with her own lead roles, as she is the one that knows herself best.Delia Antal was born on 26th January 1981 in the beautiful Transylvania. Her parents Dorel and Ileana Antal were factory workers during the communist regime, for later to become small traders in her hometown Zalau. Having said these, Delia had never dreamed that she will actually become an actress and film maker in London. She has a degree in economics, and her dream was always to share her stories and be in the public eye. As a teenager, due to peer pressure, she gave up her ambition to become an actress. However, in 2004, as soon as she finished her Economics degree, Delia moved to London. At first, she had experienced really tough times, having all sorts of daily jobs and many horrible things happened to her, that her own life could be a fantastic film. When she finally had some savings, Delia dedicated all her time to acting and film making. Delia studied acting both in London and Los Angeles, and later writing, directing and producing, in the pursuit of a successful career. Delia is following her idol Clint Eastwood and his unique way of having many roles in the same film: acting, directing, writing and producing.
Original Name Delia Ancuta Antal
Height 5' 6' (1.68 m)
Movies of Delia Antal

Jhootha Hi Sahi
as Ballroom Guest
as Royal Student
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