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Name Devika Mathur
Date Of Birth Monday, April 2, 1979
Biography Devika Mathur is a popular radio show host, syndicated in the United States on WorldBand Media. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Mathur has a masters in clinical psychology and worked with challenged preschoolers. She was the lead singer of a pop band in Mumbai called Sea Major and one of the final fifteen in Coke-Channel V Popstars competition as well as a Radio Jockey for one of the popular FM stations in Mumbai. In addition, she has performed with the prestigious Illinois All State Choir, as well as at the Royal Ontario Museum Friday Nights "Raj to Aaj" in celebration of South Asia, "Devis and Divas" at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Bollywood Fever (Monayr Asha Aid Foundation benefit) at Lula Lounge, and Masala! Mehndi! Masti! (North America's Largest South Asian Cultural Festival) at Exhibition Place, Toronto.
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Movies of Devika Mathur
as vocal coach
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