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Name Dumkata
Release Date Friday, November 9, 2007
About Movie Delhi-based Ashmita and Shree Ranade, live a wealthy lifestyle along with Shree's father, and their sons, Anshul and Saumil. When they notice that Saumil has been passing blood while defecating, they take him for a medical examination, where it is diagnosed that he has a polyp in his rectum. The doctor recommends surgery but Saumil refuses, and his brother starts to believe that he may be growing a tail. Both brothers start to argue and quarrel, with their parents intervening to keep the peace in the family. Then things get worse after some of Anshul's drawings and paintings go missing, and he believes Saumil may have hidden or even destroyed them. Before he could inform others in the family, Saumil goes missing.
Genre Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Dumkata

Gulzar (I)
as (lyrics)
Om Puri
Om Puri
as Ranade / Aabu
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