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Name Fast Forward
Release Date Friday, September 25, 2009
About Movie Unemployed Rishi, Sunny and four other friends hang-out at a number of malls, and are often asked by security to leave. They decide to compete but are refused until Palaash, who organizes underground dance competitions, gives them a break. The group is pitted against a champion group led by Vicky and quite surprisingly wins, but Vicky wants a re-match with a bet of Rs.10 Lakhs. Rishi arranges a loan from a gangster/money-lender, Jhangla, and enters the competition - a decision he will regret as he will not only only face defeat and betrayal - but Jhangla's goons will fracture his right leg - leaving him no alternative but to quit the group and dancing altogether.
Genre Action, Drama, Musical
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Fast Forward

Renganaath Ravee
as sound editor (as R.Ranganath)

Shweta Pandit (I)
as playback singer
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