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Name Fight Club: Members Only
Release Date Friday, February 17, 2006
About Movie Four friends Vicky, Karan, Somil and Diku is a constant endeavor to help each other, get entangled in a web of incidents, some romantic, many funny and all that test the extremes of their friendship. These four friends who could be mistaken for brothers; offer an example of wonderful camaraderie, all throughout a journey with numerous highs, twists and dark turns. An exciting journey is accelerated when Vicky stumbles upon the design of a Fight Club. A club which gives people a platform to score with their enemies in a atmosphere of fun, action and excitement. Amidst the on-going fun, team fight club get entangled in affairs of the heart and mind with Anu and Shonali which thicken their bonds tighter and make them travel to Delhi to look after a nightclub, 'Crossroads', which is in the eye of a storm created by Delhi's most dangerous gang lords. Gang lords who kill to survive! In the ongoing ever-increasing drama, the ex-king pin Anna's brother Mohit , gets killed. This fills Anna ...
Genre Action, Comedy
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Fight Club: Members Only

Sunil Shetty (I)
as Anna Shetty

Zayed Khan
as Vicky Khanna

Diya Mirza
as Anu Chopra

Amrita Arora
as Sonali Malhotra

Kay Kay
as playback singer

Shweta Pandit (I)
as playback singer
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