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Name Garman Herigstad
Date Of Birth Wednesday, November 27, 1957
Biography Garman Herigstad was born in Ames, Iowa and raised in the Norwegian immigrant town of Roland Iowa. His Danish mother came to New York in the 1950s to work in the hat fashion business from Copenhagen where she designed hat for Magazine. His father was an early Motorola two-way radio sales pioneer.After finishing advertising design and drawing and painting degrees at Iowa State University, in 1986 he started in the computer graphics industry at Post Production Services working on the legendary Bosch FHS4000.In 1988 he relocated to Taipei, Taiwan as a trainer for Fary AV and CGCG. In late 1988 he moved to Hong Kong where he formed Computer Motion Control, the production arm of Yiu-Wing Technologies Ltd. under Joe Seow and Stella Seow. In 1990 the crew of CMC reformed under Spin Limited, which became Garman's Hong Kong based CGI business.For nine years Garman worked in Asia, having bases in Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Bangkok and Singapore. Most notable were his property development commercials for the Muang Thong Thani Industrial Estate and The Land and House Company in Bangkok. Garman worked a year each at Iloura Post Production (Thailand) and Kantana Company Limited before returning to his own business, Spin Limited, which relocated to Singapore in 1995.On the heels of the 1997 Asian Economic Recession, Garman returned to his hometown in Iowa where he worked on the "A Bug's Life Active Play" at EAI, Ames IA.In 1999 Garman worked on his first Hollywood feature "O Brother Where Art Thou" at Digital Domain, where he returned to work on "X-Men (2000)", "The Time Machine (2002)", "The Day After Tomorrow (2004)" and "Stealth (2005)". At Sony Pictures Imageworks Garman worked on "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)" and "Cast Away (2000)"Between features Garman taught visual effects at the Savannah College of Design in Savannah Georgia from January 2002 thru March 2003. Many of his students now work in the feature film effects industry.
Birth Place Ames, Iowa, USA
Height 5' 7' (1.70 m)
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