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Name Garv: Pride and Honour
Release Date Friday, July 9, 2004
About Movie Bombay's Senior Police Inspector, Samar Singh, tenders his resignation when he finds out that Kashinath Trivedi, who is known to have connections with the underworld, has won the election. This news does delight Kashinath Trivedi, and his men, which include notorious gangster Zafar Supari. But there is a catch, as there are two honest police inspectors who prove to be thorns on their sides, and they are Inspector Arjun Ranavat and Hyder Ali, two inseparable friends. Kashinath's attempts to separate the two with the assistance of corrupt Police Commissioner, Yeshwant Pandey, are in vain. Then Zafar Supari takes over the task of separating the two. And he succeeds, and as a result Hyder Ali is killed in a fake police encounter on the grounds that he was a Pakistani spy; while Arjun Ranavat, whose attempts to avenge Hyder's death, results in the deaths of 18 people - results which prompt the Police Commissioner to dismiss Arjun from the police force, and issue orders for his arrest - ...
Genre Action, Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Garv: Pride and Honour

Salman Khan (I)
as ACP Arjun Ranavat

Shilpa shetty
as Jannat

Farida Jalal
as Mrs. Shakuntala Dixit

Amrish Puri
as Police Commssioner Samar Singh
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