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'Mausam' Mess: After IAF, Railways Now Objects To Scene

If dealing with the Indian Air Force's demands about changes in some scenes were not enough to hassle the Mausam team, it seems the Indian Railways have now decided to 'derail' the movie by objecting to a particular scene in the movie.

It seems that in one of the scenes in the 'timeless love story', the character of Shahid Kapoor named Harinder Singh is seen speeding in a car through an unmanned level crossing in front of an speeding train. The Railways, which is already exasperated trying to curb the trend of youngsters attempting stunts involving trains feels that this could encourage youngsters to attempt to copy the stunt, leading to disastrous consequences.

The Railways have reportedly decided to take up this issue with the makers of the movie. Mausam had earlier landed in trouble after the Indian Air Force demanded that the details of a scene involving aircraft combat be changed to which director Pankaj Kapur had agreed. Industry insiders are apprehensive that this new issue might further delay the release of the movie.

A few years ago, Aamir Khan had performed a stunt involving a train in Ghulam, which had drawn collective ire after some youths got killed while attempting to copy the stunt.

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