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Amitabh Bachchan suffers hairline rib fracture

Amitabh Bachchan First it was the junior Bachchan who injured while shooting an action scene for Bol Bachchan and now Amitabh Bachchan suffered a hairline rib fracture while he was shooting for an action scene on the sets of Ram Gopal Varma's Department.

Big B has a small cameo in Department and while shooting for an action sequence he got hit either by an elbow or the butt of the security carrying a carbine in the shot, which internally ruptured the flesh cover over the rib. He was feeling uneasy and felt a little pain while breathing. The next day before setting off to shoot, Big B spoke to the doctor who advised him to do an X-Ray after he returned from work. He shot for a song and dance sequence and went for a CT scan after that. That's when they discovered that he had a hairline fracture in his rib. The doctor said it's a mild fracture and shall repair on its own.

Big B posted on his blog. "There is a fracture in the rib, albeit hairline; it cannot be given any treatment, for such ailments are left to heal on their own...That takes care of the next 3-4 weeks because that is the recognised healing period. Bear the pain and that is it... Damn!"

The 68 year old superstar is now taking help of the good old hot water bottle to endure acute pain and recover fast.

"The hot water bottle has become my greatest companion for the last two days and, with the results of the CT scan, it looks like I shall stay with it much longer than I had imagined. It's such a useful element in the house. And from the time I realized the difference between hot and cold, the hot water bottle has never undergone any change in size or shape. It has been like this for donkey's years. The winter in Allahabad and Delhi are distinct reminders of it," he added. wish Jagjit Singh a speedy recovery

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