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Sanjay Suri and Onir to produce Chauranga

Sanjay Suri and Onir, who have earlier worked together in My Brother Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal, Sorry Bhai! and I Am will now be producing a film titled Chauranga, based on a true story.

Onir will only produce Chauranga and not direct it. The film will be directed by first time director Bikas Ranjan Mishra. It was small piece of news about an incident that took place in the Kaimur district of Bihar that inspired Bikas Ranjan Mishra to make the film. The incident was reported on November 20, 2008, when a Dalit boy was thrown under a running train because he wrote a love letter to an upper caste girl. This incident created quite a stir internationally but the Indian media never gave much of importance to the incident.

Chauranga tells the poignant story of an uneducated young Dalit boy wanting to express his feelings to an educated girl. He seeks help from his brother to write a love letter. The film explores the consequences thereafter. Sanjay and Onir were so impressed when they read the script that they decided to produce the movie. The movie will not have any songs.

The cast of Chauranga is yet to be finalized. Auditions for the lead role will begin soon and the makers also have plans to cast local talent from Jharkhand. The shooting of the film will begin in January next year.

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