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Makers of Don 2 will be releasing series of witty one-liners by Don

"Don ko pakadna mushqil hi nahin namumkin hai..."

The lines that Shah Rukh Khan threw at his adversaries in Farhan Akhtar's Don went on to become far more popular than the superstar or director Farhan Akhar ever imagined.

And now just when the sequel is around the corner, Farhan and his producer-partner Ritesh Sidhwani have hit on a novel method to popularize 'Don' Shah Rukh Khan's quips and homilies.

Entitled 'Don Says...', the series of one-liners spoken on screen by the film's steely-nerved edgy-mouthed hero will be out one after another every Friday for 11 weeks from October 14 till the release date of Don 2 on December 23. One Don-gyan every week for the famished junta to chew on.

Explaining the smart-alecky strategy, Farhan says, "We're releasing the Don quips in a series called 'Don Says...' one after another, one every week from this Friday. These quips will be put out on every media from print to television to web to cell phones."

This Don-gyan gambit was seen as a smart marketing move in the light of the popularity Shah Rukh's quips gained after the first Don film in 2006.

Says Farhan, "Don is remembered for his sharp witty dialogue. We thought it would be a nice re-introduction for the character in the audiences' mind if we published the Don quips as sayings. We're putting out Don's philosophy, in a manner of speaking. They are reflective of his tongue-in-cheek attitude towards his friends and foes alike."

Yup, we like.

The eventual idea behind the 'Don Says...' strategy is to put all of the gangster's gyan into a book form.

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