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Aamir is confused about how describing his own TV show

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan bit the television bait and scored superbly too. Aamir, the third among the triumvirate of Khans was the odd one out who stayed away despite repeated attempts from the TV fraternity to woo him time and again.

Not any longer.
Guys and gals, raise your hands and let's hear a round of applause now… for Aamir Khan… as he readies to unveil his show on the mini-screen, with STAR India channel bagging the privilege of luring and clinching the telly deal with the Perfectionist Khan.
Addressing the scribe-tribe in this connection within the five-star confines of a suburban Mumbai hotel, Aamir said, "It's a very real show, based on real people. I'm sure that it's a show that will connect with people and with each and every Indian."
Added he significantly, "My show has song, dance and music and yet it is not a song, dance and music show. In fact, my show is so complex that I'm very confused as to how best to describe my own TV show! It really is very difficult to describe. I'm doing a TV show for the very first time and it's been a journey for me too. I have not added anything intentionally simply to increase the TRPs. I want more and more people to emotionally connect with my show."

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