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Mamma Mia.... No Success?

Life beyond babies. No mother can imagine it. Pity, neither can most film producers. Imagine a screen life for married heroines of cinebiz, that is. Matrimony, usually, seals the career path for leading ladies. Audiences don't swallow the idea of a married actress wooing other screen males. Or so, assert folks of cinedom.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's godhbharai ceremony that captivated the interest of national periodicals, dailies and TV channels merely swerved my psyche onto that path.
The "world's most beautiful woman", Rai…ght away ought to know. She's one heroine who lost out on Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine.' The ensuing brouhaha and bad blood created between the National Award bagging director and her, provided ample grist to gossip mills.
My mind delved towards a certain Madhuri Dixit. Post her nuptial alliance with Dr. Shriram Nene, an ace producer had clucked his tongue and muttered endlessly about how "Madhuri's market was finished!". Explaining his stance, the producer said, "A single heroine is the object of love for audiences. She has glamour, clout, beauty and talent that makes her the heart-throb of millions. But once she gets married, all those factors vanish as audiences and especially her fans feel that now she's someone's wife. That unattainable quality about her that audiences found hugely attractive is no longer there."
When Aaja Nachle didn't exactly dance to the successful beat of audiences and bit the dust, he'd called up gleefully to do his "I told you so" number.
Dimple Kapadia. At age 16, she zoomed into the collective psyches of Indians with her debut in Bobby. A wobbling marriage to Rajesh Khanna was soon followed by a separation and divorce later. A prominent distributor told me (off the record, of course) that Ramesh Sippy had a huge round of explaining and convincing before he could pencil Dimple Kapadia in as lead for 'Saagar.'
Juhi Chawla. She was a Big Time heroine and quit her career in histrionics to pursue the joys of matrimony with industrialist hubby Jai Mehta. "Tch, tch… what has happened to Juhi now," lamented a top hero who's worked with her earlier. "She's now reduced to playing the heroine in Punjabi films opposite Gurdas Maan. The only prominent roles in Hindi movies that she gets are in the films that she produces like I Am." Er, ,many 'Dreamz Unlimited', Juhi…

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