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Problems in co-hosting of BIGG BOSS 5 with Sallu and Sanju

After Salman's spat with Sanjay at Maanyata's birthday bash is having repercussions on the realty show, Bigg Boss 5, which the two are supposed to co-host for the initial few episodes.

Reportedly, the altercation was triggered when Salman learnt that Sanju, who had turned down a role in Bodyguard, had instead accepted the offer to star in his archrival Shah Rukh Khan's RA.One.

Salman had asked Sanju to play his father in the Atul Agnihotri film. In a recent media report, Sanju added fuel to fire by stating that he was not old enough to play Salman's father.

With Sanju's public lash out at Salman, the Khan family is displeased with the idea of Salman working with Dutt. A source explained, "His family members have reminded Salman that he was instrumental in getting Sanjay on-board to co-host Bigg Boss 5 and highlighted how Sanjay has repaid him.

Also, they are wondering what is so absurd about Sanjay playing Salman's father because actors are supposed to challenge themselves by playing characters of different ages."

Not only did Sanju accept the role in SRK's film, but he also invited the actor to his residence for a party the very next day after his spat with Salman.

The Khan family has looked upon these incidents as Sanjay's deliberate attempt to hurt Salman. "Sanjay ensured that most sections of the press got all the pictures where he is hugging Shah Rukh Khan," added the source.

Taking heed to his family's advice, Salman is seriously contemplating going ahead with the show. A friend of Salman said, "He doesn’t need the show. His recent series of successful films in Bollywood and his overtly busy calendar for the days to come has brought him enough on his plate to keep him busy for the next three years at least."

When contacted, a source from the channel claimed no knowledge of the situation. The source simply said, "As far as we know, we don't have a problem with their forthcoming joint shoot slated for September. We haven't received any intimation from Salman as yet."

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