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Name Gregory Terlecki
Date Of Birth Tuesday, October 26, 1954
Biography Gregory Terlecki was hand picked to be one of the haunting "Top Hatted Men" by Director Bill Paxton during headhunting while filming The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005). His role as 'The Tacky Tourist' in Scam (2005), was as the wildly dressed, frustrated and obnoxious driver looking for safe parking in the wrong part of town. In 2001, Gregory played Guillaume in Expiration (2003), originally a plate smashing brutal fight scene with frustrated man-hungry wife Nora. It was rewritten and re-shot two years later. Jeremiah Kipp, Film Festival Today's movie reviewer, described the scene of Gregory and Gavin Heffernan (Gavin's only one-on-one male to male scene) as 'a surprise encounter with a thief's melancholy, lost soul father (Gregory Terlecki) that feels like a poignant short story...' 2003 also saw him in Guy Letourneau's "Good Dogs Go To Heaven" as young Michael's salesman father returning home for an idyllic meal that quickly became a life-altering one for his son. In 2003, Gregory played McDonald Stuart; the ghost of philanthropist David McDonald Stuart, heir of McDonald Tobacco in "Creepy Canada" (2002), an hour-long show detailing true accounts of the paranormal throughout Canada's history. He was also "The Executioner" on that series, torturing two; a prisoner who ends his life by suicide, and a female slave and arsonist whom he hangs. That particular episode "The Ghost's of Rue St Paul" was recently named #3 on a "Creepy Canada" Top Ten Episodes List special. In 2003, he played the dual dream roles of Hunk & Scarecrow in a Montreal area 500 seat theater production of "The Wizard of Oz". Gregory's father Bill was a W.W. II photographer. Among his subjects were Italy's Emperor Victor Emmanuel and actor John Candy and family in the 1940s and 1950s. His love of documenting life through the camera was passed on to Gregory when twelve. Gregory was born on the Maine & New Brunswick border crossing of River de Chute that his grandfather opened up. With a covered bridge, waterfalls and one room schoolhouse in the backyard, it was as perfect a childhood setting as could be. Later moving to Toronto, he graduated fine arts and film at Toronto's Ontario College of Art. Several years were spent world traveling, including overland through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, South East Asia, Australia, and elsewhere, documenting the beautiful and the unusual. A singer since childhood, Gregory is a tenor in French, English and Latin with a voice similar to Cory Wells of Three Dog Night. In 1999, he completed a hard cover photo history & biog book of his birthplace, now part of the National Library of Canada. It features Canadians from his birthplace that went on to become achievers, including Edna Brown Baker; one of the first Canadian female reporters, the first to witness a hanging near River de Chute in a trial where the men were later thought to be innocent. She was also the first female in Canada to be involved in an airplane accident and went on to marry Perren Baker, who became the Premiere of Alberta. Also from his place were Boston area mechanical TV and radio inventor Hollis Baird. In 1930, he broadcast the world's first simultaneous sound and living broadcast from WIXOM and WEEI. In 1932 Rudy Vallee sang on a Baird studio show. Gregory's great- uncle Percy W. Bishop, who wrote books on Nationalism, was one of Canada's first "Thinking Speculators" on the petroleum business. He became the original owner of 60,000 acres of Cold Lake Alberta oil & gas property, which was greater than that owned by the Saudi Arabians at that time of 30,000 acres. P.W. also helped Cyrus Eaton during his Eaton's store empire building days and entertained future Prime Minister Jean Chretien at his Ontario estate. P.W. and Gregory shared a deep love for their birthplace and historic preservation. Gregory also wrote a TV proposal "Going Beyond Violet" for a possible series which won a Finalist award of the writing site of Larry Brody "". The screenplay version carries on the story of small-town daydreamer Aaron, who realizes his eccentric friend Mrs. Yacapucci's advice that "timing is everything, and life lives in parallels", after following a charismatic stranger to the city. Gregory was active in role playing scenarios for the Canadian Government for many years. In 2006, he modeled for a series of print ads for the Videotron cable TV company as the very tallest of a trio of comedic cable guys. 2007 saw him as director of his true- story screenplay "The Window" brought to the stage as a three hour reading. With a cast of twenty- five, "The River de Chute Kidnapping Case", as it was known almost a century ago, was headlines throughout the land.In early 2008, he was "The Manager" in Amanda Fahey's: "Freezer Repairs" , a fantasy movie filmed in Toronto.
Original Name William Gregory Terlecki
Birth Place River de Chute, New Brunswick, Canada
Height 6' 3' (1.91 m)
Movies of Gregory Terlecki

as Party Boat Dancer (uncredited)
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