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Name Jae Chang (I)
Biography Jae W. Chang has worked on the Academy Award winning CG studio at Rhythm & Hues studios as a technical director. He was involved in "Goldie", which was shown at Siggraph Electronic Theater '98 in Los Angeles and also worked on a Play Station game "The Eggs of Steel", which was nominated by Annie Award.Since 2000, Jae W. Chang is an executive producer and CEO at Fantavision animation studios & distribution USA. He has produced and directed a good few famous children's original titles including the "Let's sing with Toonbo(TM) which is most popular children's song movie in YouTube today and Fantavision is directly distributing the Toonbo to world wide markets today.And he also have been worked on the many movies and blockbuster movie such as Love story 2050, Tempest, The Rite and Iron Man 2 as one of the VFX Producer.His educational background includes BFA in Art & Industrial Design at Hong-Ik University in Seoul Korea and MFA in Film & Computer Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York City.
Movies of Jae Chang (I)

Love Story 2050
as visual effects producer
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