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Name Jajantaram Mamantaram
Release Date Friday, May 30, 2003
About Movie After being shipwrecked, Bombay-based Aditya Pandit wakes up on an island populated by tiny thumb-sized people, who mistaken him for a cruel giant. But when they find out that he is harmless, he is welcomed, and asked to help them fight a giant named Jhamunda. Aditya agrees to do so, and comes face to face with his worst nightmare. For, Jhamunda is not just a giant, but an indestructible shape-shifting monster with magical powers.
Genre Fantasy, Family
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Jajantaram Mamantaram
Gulshan Grover
Gulshan Grover
as Chattan Singh

Baylon Fonseca
as DTS mix engineer
Gulshan Grover
Gulshan Grover
as playback singer
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