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Name Jallad No. 1
Release Date Friday, August 11, 2000
About Movie Shankar (Dharmendra) is an honest gentleman, who will never tolerate any injustice to any one. So when Shankar finds out that his police inspector friend, Arjun (Kiran Kumar) is killed he swears vengeance. Meanwhile another police inspector Dolkar, who has not been paid his "hafta" (weekly bribe), goes about to claim his money and teams up with He also meets up with Shirke (Shakti Kapoor). Shankar finds out that it is Dolkar who has killed Arjun, but proving the killing by a police inspector, especially a corrupt one, is going to be an uphill task for Shankar.
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Jallad No. 1
Dharmendra (I)
Dharmendra (I)
as Shankar
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