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Name Jhootha Hi Sahi
Release Date Thursday, January 1, 1970
About Movie London-based Siddharth Arya gets a number of telephone calls from three suicidal males in one night. Subsequently, he is approached by Suhana Malik from 'Dost India' and requested to volunteer his time every night counseling East Indians from killing themselves. Siddharth, who stammers in presence of attractive women, but not on the phone, agrees to do so - much to the chagrin of his Air-Hostess girlfriend, Krutika. One of his callers is a distraught female, Mishka, who wants to kill herself as she has been jilted by her long-time boyfriend, Kabir. Siddharth not only talks her out of it but also convinces her to make new friends. Both meet at the bookstore that he manages with his friends but he refuses to divulge his identity. Both continue to meet and are drawn towards one another - but not for long - as soon Krutika will demand an explanation, as well as Kabir will attempt to re-enter Mishka's life.
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Jhootha Hi Sahi

John Abraham (IV)
as Siddharth Arya / Fidato
Madhavan (I)
Madhavan (I)
as Kabir (as R. Madhavan)

Ritesh Deshmukh
as (voice)
Delia Antal
Delia Antal
as Ballroom Guest
Phoenix James
Phoenix James
as Street Vender

A.R. Rahman
as (music)

Renganaath Ravee
as sound editor

Kirti Kolwankar
as costume supervisor: segment

Kaz Boyle
as composer: additional music
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