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Name Jonnie Brown
Date Of Birth Tuesday, July 15, 1975
Biography Jonnie was born on the 15th of July, 1975 in Philadelphia. He was raised in the southern New Jersey town of Willingboro. Jonnie graduated from Delran high school as a three sport athlete with the highest G.P.A among athletes in his class. Jonnie then enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh. There,he studied mechanical engineering. While attending the University, Jonnie was introduced to the theater and began studying acting with professor, Gwen Orel as an elective. This experience led Jonnie to change his major after 3 years of engineering classes. Soon, Jonnie was signed to a Pittsburgh talent agency and working professional acting jobs while still enrolled at the University.It was 1996 that Jonnie began the journey into the field of professional acting. Ten years later, the arduous journey led Jonnie to an incredible management and agency team. Jonnie's dedication to the craft and hard work has given him opportunities that every actor covets.Some of Jonnie's film credits includes films such as the international blockbuster, "Apne"; in which Jonnie plays the fearsomely complicated and indomitable heavy weight boxing champion Luca Gracia. In "Death Without Consent" Jonnie plays the young charismatic Rodney Madison. In the NBC hit mini series "The Temptations", Jonnie played the temptation, Damon Harris. "The Buzzard", a psychological dramatic short film, directed by Troy Ransome features Jonnie as The Buzzard. Jonnie also landed a role through an unconventional way in the film,"Freedomland." The director of "Freedomland", Joe Roth and casting director, Margery Simkins collaborated with writers to create an additional smaller role just for Jonnie after a lead role that Jonnie brilliantly auditioned for was cast by the studio and several other roles were cut from the script before the shoot began.Now, Jonnie has a dream role on one of HBO's most respected and critically acclaimed hit drama series to date, "The Wire". Jonnie plays the recurring role of patrolmen Eddie Walker. Eddie Walker is a young police officer who is more interested in terrorizing and robbing drug dealers and suspects than protecting and serving his community. Like several other patrolmen on the force, he does not live by the ethics and oath that he has sworn to.
Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Nick Name JB
Height 6' 1' (1.85 m)
Movies of Jonnie Brown

as Luca Gracia (as Jonnie Louis Brown)
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