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Name Kaali Ki Saugandh
Release Date Friday, November 17, 2000
About Movie Jhansi-based Reshma Singh lives a middle-class lifestyle in India with her widowed mom, Sharda, and two brothers, Rajesh and Amar, who is a Police Inspector. She travels to Rudrapur to work as a teacher and upon arrival finds out that the town is run by a cruel Thakur Gajraj Singh and his associates Goverdhan Lala, Damodar, and Sher Singh. She gets into a tiff with them, resulting in the brutal death of Rajesh. She decides to avenge this death, and ends up killing one of his assailants, Badal Singh, but before she could kill the rest, she is stopped by Police Inspector Janardhan, who disarms her, then stands by while Gajraj and his men sexually assault her. Thereafter she is arrested,lodged in a cell, then taken to Court, where she is subsequently found guilty and sentenced to be hanged. Before the sentence could be carried out, she escapes from prison, is found unconscious by bandits, and taken to their hideout and their leader, Sardar Sultan Singh. After Sultan hears Reshma's story ...
Genre Action
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Kaali Ki Saugandh
Dharmendra (I)
Dharmendra (I)
as Sardar Sultan Singh

Shakti Kapoor (I)
as Thakur Gajraj Singh
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