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Name Kahaani Gudiya Ki...: True Story of a Woman
Release Date Friday, April 11, 2008
About Movie Gudiya gets married to Indian Army Officer, Aslam and moves in to live with him, his widowed mother, a brother and the brother's wife. Shortly after this, Aslam is summoned to fight in Kargil. When he goes missing, the army lists him as a deserter, and the family are told they must notify them of his whereabouts. The community starts to taunt them, Aslam's mother passes away, and Gudiya is sent back to her parents house. Four years later, they get her married to her distant relative, Feroz, and she moves in with him and his parents. He treats her well, they become intimate and she becomes pregnant. Their joy with her pregnancy is short-lived, after they are told that Aslam has returned home, and is determined to use the Islamic Shariat Law to claim her back as his wife.
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Cast & Crew Members of Kahaani Gudiya Ki...: True Story of a Woman
Divya Dutta
Divya Dutta
as Gudiya
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