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Name Karin Duseva
Biography Karin Duseva is an actress born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Of Macedonian decent and fluent in several languages Karin has done voice over work for various international companies.Since arriving in the United States a few years ago Karin has done photo shoots for the famed Plaza Hotel in New York City and Harley Davidson. She had a recurring role on the CBS Television sit-com "Love Monkey", and has appeared in the following feature films; "Falling Awake", "Natale a New York", "Asylum Seekers", the Bollywood film "Hastey Hastey" and starred in "Untitled Chapters". She recently had a co-starring role on the FOX TV Show "Lie to Me" and will have a lead role in the Horror/Thriller, "Yaksha".Karin made the move from New York to Los Angeles in 2009 when she received an audition for the role of Alexis in "One Tree Hill". Since relocating to LA she has been getting a lot of attention auditioning for the roles of Maria in the Twilight saga "Eclipse" and the role of Faith, opposite Antonio Banderas in "The Big Bang".Karin is the granddaughter of famous European singer/songwriter Dimtria Dusev and is herself trained in singing and dancing. She spends her time living and working between New York and Los Angeles.
Nick Name KK
Height 5' 7' (1.70 m)
Movies of Karin Duseva
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