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Name Laurie Folkes
Biography Laurie was born in East Orange, New Jersey. From an early age he knew he wanted to perform. He smiles as he tells the story of how at the age of five during the summer, he would pretend that he had his own radio show. He was the DJ and the music maker singing the hits from his bedroom window to the neighborhood. He's not sure if it bothered anyone, but he never heard any complaints. East Orange was full of talent. There was Billy Ford of Billy and Lilly who appeared on American Band Stand with their hit single Lucky Ladybug. The Fords lived down the street. There was John Amos of Good Times fame. John's mother and Laurie's mother worked together and were friends. Judy Clay who had a hit record Story Book Children rented a house from Laurie's father. Laurie played high school football with Dionne Warwick's brother Mancel. From grammar school to junior high through high school Laurie participated in school productions, talent shows, and choirs. When it was time to graduate from East Orange High School, Laurie's voice and drama coaches urged him to audition for Julliard. Laurie had also played on East Orange High School's State Championship Football Team, and was offered a scholarship to play football for The University of New Hampshire. Laurie's father who had grown up during The Great Depression urged him to go to New Hampshire so he could get a real job when he graduated. Laurie attended UNH and received a BS Degree in Biochemistry. His need to perform did not diminish. He used every non-committed elective to take studies in performance art courses. While at UNH Laurie co-founded a R&B band Satin Soul. After graduation, Laurie began a sales career of 35 years with major technology companies that allowed him to travel internationally, earn an MBA in Finance and Marketing, get married and raise a beautiful daughter. In 2008 when the economy collapsed, Laurie's last corporate job, VP of Business Development Government Markets was downsized, leading to his decision to do what he was meant to do... Perform!he immediately joined a male vocal group, The North Jersey Philharmonic Glee Club, established in 1939 making it the oldest African American male chorus in the country that is not affiliated with a church or university. It was during a rehearsal that one of the members mentioned he was working as an actor doing background work for films and TV. This struck a chord with Laurie. After a brief discussion, the glee club member gave Laurie his agent's contact information. The agent sent Laurie on his first job that week. Since then Laurie has worked every chance he could. To him background work was on the job training. He endured with enthusiasm long days, exterior winter late and overnight shoots, missing the last train to Jersey and spending the night in NY Penn Station. He took advantage of every opportunity to meet other actors, casting directors, on set assistant directors and the production crew members. While on set, he studied the principal actors and how they delivered a scene. Laurie is constantly training with acting coaches, attending seminars, and building his agent representation. He has also become a staple in corporate training videos, trade show videos, and live promotions.2012 has been a great year for Laurie's acting career. In the past 6 months, Laurie has been cast in supporting and co-starring roles for TV & film. Laurie can be seen as the supporting character Nelson, in the short-film Moving Stories which was featured in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. In addition, Laurie has just completed a Co-Starring role in the film Reunion 108, where he plays Alfonso Thomas an outspoken upfront and in your face member of the Alphas' 1978 Baseball Minor League Championship Team who enjoyed every minute of the fast life. Reunion 108 has been described as a mix between Bull Durham and Get Him To The Greek. In late 2011, Laurie was cast as the lead character in the "Who Shot The Sheriff" episode of NBC's Fatal Encounters, which aired on the Investigative Discovery Channel in May of 2012.
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